Teri Starr             
Licensed Massage Therapist

Teri Starr, a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist in
Arizona, approaches this work from her heart. Her passion is to help
individuals in a holistic way to find perfect health of mind, body and
spirit while living the highest quality of life possible. She believes
that aches and pains are projects not labels or definitions of who we

Teri’s experiences as an individual recovering from a mild traumatic
brain injury, educator, athlete and coach provide her with the
necessary skills of compassion, patients, understanding and
commitment to support you in achieving your goals of health.

Teri Starr
“Teri works wonder!  I had a session with Teri and I am feeling
better every day.” – DA, Arizona

“Teri is magical.  I feel better than ever.” – Kelli, Arizona

“My thoughts are much clearer –  Thank you.” – Alice, Arizona

“The work I have received through Teri gently moved into my body.
The releases are not only physical; they include the emotions and
traumas hidden beneath the tissue.  My intention is to open to
receive the work and heal.  Teri’s skills, dedication and intuitive
attention creates a safe place to let go and relax.  In the space all
healing is possible.” – VC, Michigan

Lew Favorite              
Licensed Massage Therapist

Lew Favorite, a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist
in Arizona, has a strong conviction to helping individuals eliminate or
manage their pain, relax, and recover from injury.  He believes that
individuals can live a pain free life with increased flexibility and
balance when they remember to take care of themselves.  He
believes the stronger and healthier you are the more you can
contribute to those around you.

Lew’s experiences in business and as an athlete provide him with
the necessary skills to really listen, support, and show compassion
to you.  Your goal becomes his goal and is taken very seriously.

Lew Favorite

“Lew has the greatest energy.” – MP

“Great hands, great heart, great sensitivity.” – JJ

“Lew listened to what I said during our first session and addressed
the issues I had.  Thank you.” – MC

I have spoken of you often as ‘my miracle worker’.” – DW